Last Day of Summer is a bittersweet story about old age, dementia and friendship between a young boy and elderly lady

The story centres around Grace, an elderly woman suffering from dementia, who has escaped from a care home.


Wandering along the beach trying to make friends, she bumps into a young boy called Joe. Seeing she has swollen legs, the boy offers her a seat in his father’s car. As he runs back towards the sea with his kite, Grace slowly drifts off to sleep.


When the family arrive to go home, Joe’s mum and dad are shocked to find an old woman asleep in the back of their car. While his parents argue about what to do with her, Grace gestures for Joe to join her in the car. After locking themselves in, the scared adults bang on the windows while Joe and Grace are having the time of their lives. When the nurse arrives to take Grace back to her care home, Joe’s parents are forced to reflect on their behaviour.


On 14th July 2018 in Los Angeles, Jonah Paull for playing the role of Joe in the film, received the Young Artist Award for the Best Performance in a Short Film.


Here is a link to a clip showing this amazing moment, and Jonah’s acceptance speech. The clip is provided with permission of the Young Artist Academy.


Last Day of Summer, written and directed by Aleksandra Czenczek, and produced by Adriana Kulig, 13’29”, AKA FILM Production 2018